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Bolix Balcony Solution – System

Balcony slabs as the outer segments of buildings are exposed to harmful impacts of the weather conditions. A negative impact may be mainly seen by the penetration of humidity which increases the risk of self-destruction as for instance scratches, cracks and changes in mechanical properties of materials.

Balcony solution being developed and implemented by us in several construction undertakings represents one of the best solutions with regard to refurbishment and repair work on the damaged concrete surfaces of structural designs of balconies. Thanks to the sophisticated and detailed procedures taken by actively deploying quality materials we may, based on our hands-on experience guarantee and reinstate that by opting for the selection of this very approach, none of the customers shall feel sorry in the end.

Process of Installation

Profiling of the outer perimeter of balcony – instalment of the outer edge / break point / break edge This external outer edge may be created by applying cement-based mortar BOLIX SPN to be installed on a perfectly even surface and matured and dry bottom surface of concrete, by elevating the overall bottom plate from the edge by 3 mm. In order to enable easier facilitation of the performed work, an application stencil is used, which is laid alongside the edge of the balcony, which in effect restricts the needed width of the technological break point, break edge and serves the purpose of the guide rail. The surface is later to be watered and filling the space between the guide rails follows by applying the cement ready-to-use multi-finish plaster BOLIX SPN.

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Preparation of aluminium profiles viz. BOLIX PAL 200 intended for the installation 

Following 48 hours from casting the multi-finish plaster on, it is possible to start preparing the balcony profiles. It is needed to lay around the internal perimeter of the balcony the BOLIX PAL profiles intended and needed for the completion of the job. Separate sections of the aluminium profiles need to be separated by gaps of the width around 2 mm, as a result of the thermal expansion of aluminium alloys. Consequently, places for drilling the installation pegs, hammer fixings, hammer-in plugs, while the op0enings are drilled. The pegs are installed into the freshly drilled holes. Should it be needed, the straight sections of profiles are to be shortened by cutting or grinding by using the tools and machines intended for aluminium processing. At the point of contact of the profile with the wall, a separate profile is inserted, a plastic end-butt viz. BOLIX PAL-F.

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Installation of guttering rainwater profiles viz. BOLIX PAL.

The technology break point, break edge on the edge of the balcony plate is to be filled in with the sealing mixture, viz. BOLIX Hydro Duo, whereas shortly prior to the application the surface is to be treated with water, moisturised. Application of the BOLIX Hydro Duo mixture starts from the outer edge of the break point, using the grout spreaders, trowels and hawks, eventually floats, which is followed by submerging the aluminium profiles into the mass. The profiles have to be slightly tightened using the screws in the earlier drilled openings, equipped with pre-installed pegs/fixings, observing the prerequisite of staying in one line (within one level) with the surface of the balcony. What is paramount, though, is to observe that the screws are not tightened too sharply (BOLIX Hydro Duo mixture must not be expunged or otherwise squeezed from underneath the profiles.). Following the setting of insulation (at least 5 – 6 hours), it is necessary both on the overlaying surface of the aluminium profile with the rady-to-use multi-finish plaster as well as at the meeting point of the balcony plate with the wall, to additionally submerge the BOLIX Hydro Duo sealing tape BOLIX Hydro-TW into the BOLIX hydro Duo mixture. Separate sections of the tape are connected using the overlaying space of 10 cm.

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Application of damp proofing viz. BOLIX HYDRO DUO.

The entire surface of the tilted surface starting with the outer perimeter of the balcony up to the wall is to be covered using the two-layer sealing mixture of Bolix Hydro Duo. The first layer is to be applied using a paintbrush into the previously moistened surface. At the point of contact of the wall with the balcony, referring to the inside corner, an insulation tape is to be placed. Following the maturation process of the first layer, the Hydro Duo mixture (4 – 6 hours), the entire surface of the balcony is to be laid with the second layer of mixture. Following that, the surface is to be smoothened using a stainless-steel trowel. The resultant layer is to be protected for 3 days against rain waters, water penetration and rapid drying process as well as the impact of frosts. Following this period the connections of particular sections in balcony profiles may be filled in using the permanent elastic mixture and mask the connection line, which is to be attached by compressing the point of profile merging.

Installation of ceramic floor tiles.

Ceramic flooring, floor tiles may be placed and glued following at least 3 days, using the bonding mortar viz. BOLIX SE-R. The multi-purpose (bonding) mortar is to be applied using the notched trowel onto the bottom layer, as well as on the bottom part of the tile itself. The thickness of the flooring tiles has to be selected so as the top surface of the floor tiles remains above the level of installed profiles.

Grouting and sealing. Grouting is performed using the BOLIX PROCOLOR.

The grouting gap recommended with the application on the terraces or balcony plateaus stands at 5 mm. This kind of gap thickness enables better penetration of condensed water vapours from the internal concrete structures. In order to bridge the front part of the profiles and the external perimeter of the ceramic tiles, at the point of technological edge, gap, we rest a dilation string, expansion string BOLIX SD and consequently fill in the gap using the sealant.


Step-by-step process shown in a short video:

The list of necessary materials: 

BOLIX SPN: cement-based correction multi-purpose plaster

BOLIX HYDRO DUO: two-part damp proofing, water proofing for the wall and floor tiles, tiles on balconies, terraces and other places exposed to water. Sealing mixture equally composed of two parts: A – dry and B – wet, in specific packaging which both are to be used when pre-mixing.

BOLIX HYDRO TW: sealing tape for sealing and strengthening the inside corners and transfer points leading to the guttering balcony edge and such like.

BOLIX SE-R: highly elastic and flexible adhesive

BOLIX SD: dilation, expansion string

BOLIX PRO COLOR: grouting matter for ceramic floor and wall tiles

Colour availability of profiles PAL: