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We provide comprehensive technical solutions with regard to technical building installations, closely observing the requirements of a prospective customer as well as the standardized regulations. In this field we have gained long-term experience. We provide for the design solutions as well as the technical approaches, drafts, price quotes, supply, deliveries and installations. Warranty services and Post-warranty service go without saying. The solutions involved are the following ones:-Electrical installations, drainage, sewage systems, guttering and drainage, gas, sanitary installations, heating systems, air conditioning circuits, air recuperation systems, air exchange systems, solar systems as well as various environmental solutions and approaches.Electrical installationsComprehensive electrical installations and related work – high voltage, low voltage, electricity metering systems and regulation systems, intelligent houses. 

Sewage, drainage, guttering, sanitary installations and gas

Water distribution network, sanitary installations, drainage, sewage and guttering installations, boiler rooms, and other.

Central heating systems

Refurbishments of boiler rooms. Heating using heat pumps for the municipal, multi-purpose and industrial constructions. Central heating: floor heating, radiator, panel, electrical, solid fuels heating, stoves / hot air distribution, accumulation and being equipped with hot-water piping and heat exchangers, preparation of hot utility water using stoves and fireplace suites having the hot-water exchangers, photovoltaic heating.

Air conditioning and air treatment

Air conditioning units and air treatment systems intended for family houses, municipal and industrial constructions.

Air recuperation

Air recuperation systems and air exchange management / controls for various structures, utilizing active air recuperation – escape heat entrapment.

Solar systems and environmental resources

Classic solar systems. Photovoltaic energy sources which serve the purpose of hot water preparation, electric heating and so-called island systems, where it is possible to distribute electrical energy into the grid of a building in question, eventually store it in batteries for instances of blackouts in the public grid. Furthermore, small-size wind turbines, windmills (power plants).

The selection taken with regard to energy sources may impact greatly on the overheads, operating costs, as well as the ecology and comfort of operations and controlling mechanisms, as well as the overall independence from the public distribution networks (sources of energies).



 Amount of Energy Demand 

 (kWh/m2 p. a.)

 A  B  C  D  E  F  G
 Heating  <36  36 – 71  72-102  103-143  144-179  180-214  >214
 Hot utility water  <12  12-24  25-36  37-48  49-60  61-72  >72
 Heating + hot utility water  <48  48-95  96-138  139-191  192-239  240-286  >286
 Description  very economical  economical  satisfactory  unsatisfactory  uneconomical  very uneconomical  wasteful
 Degree of heat Generation Index  ≤60  ≤80  ≤100  ≤120  ≤140  ≤160  >161