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Turnkey projects

With us you are free to build a house without having to invest Your time into all the unnecessary red tape, while at the same time having to visit a myriad of institutions.

Our company facilitates so called turnkey projects. Which, with regard to you, in effect means that all shall be sorted out in one place – our company. In one place.

We are to provide for everything, securing the building plot, all the necessary permissions and legal permits, project preparation, turnkey management, up to the final handing over of the keys to the new owners.

Don’t you have the time? Are you interested in moving your house as soon as possible? Then a turnkey solution is the best option possible.

Why to get bothered with all the unnecessary, whether all the prerequisites had been secured, whether all the building materials had been provided for, or pre-appointed the electricians for instance. All you do with us is consult what you are about to change or alter. Everything is to be arranged with us for you.

One fact speaking against the turnkey approach are the more extensive financial expenditures, however in the long run you are to receive something extra. You are given a warranty towards your new house, as the entire construction is performed solely by one company. What is more, during the development process you are to save plenty of time which you may invest into the other activities you deem more valuable, while at the same time you are free to relax and unwind which is made possible by eliminating all the stress related to the construction process.