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Thermal imaging diagnostics

Thermal imaging diagnostics serves the purpose of faults and defects determination within the structure, which may directly or indirectly cause heat losses, escapes and dissipation, as well as thermal bridging, as a result of which they may impact on the increase in costs of energies within the building itself.

At the same time we are able to uncover using the thermal imaging solutions the following:

  • air traps within the central heating systems
  • faults and defects in the outer insulation mantel (prior and post the insulation process)
  • short-circuits
  • structural defects and faults
  • determine and verify the conditions prior to the windows replacement and possible faults following the replacement with the new windows.

The measurements may be used as the supportive material with for instance warranty procedures and complaints of performed installation work, in case of establishing those faults which are not visible with the naked eye, however may become visible later.

Following the measurement procedure, we are ready to provide you with the Description of resultant faults Report including the recommendations on how to eliminate them.


The price of service for thermal imaging diagnostics test is specified on and individual basis depending on the size of the building. Should you decide to opt for the services of our company with regard to the outer insulation of your building, then the thermal imaging diagnostics is provided to you free of charge.

In case you are keen to know, do not hesitate to contact us to be able to provide more detailed information which you are welcome to do at obchod@raciohouse.sk