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Sales of construction materials

Wide range of assortment

Brick system, porous concrete blocks, construction-business-related chemistry – BOLIX, roof tiles, thermal insulation, concrete-industry steel.

BOLIX – construction-business-related chemistry

Our offer is facilitated by the BOLIX company, being founded in 1991, since it has become the foremost manufacturer of construction chemicals. Since it came into being, there were more than 90 million square metres of facadeds insulated in the entire Europe, which amounts to, roughly speaking a 13-year output of the entire Slovak market.

The offer of the products is guaranteed to be wide enough, beginning with cement mortars, grouts, facade renders, top-coat renders, overlay concrete, resurfacers, multi-purpose mortars, ready-made cements, wet levelling compounds and nivellation mixtures up to the cleaning detergents, impregnation additives and other chemicals.

The most demanded are though sophisticated and certified thermal-insulation systems (mineral/rock wool, polystyrene) as well as the thermal-insulation systems with a prolonged lifespan.

Balcony solution of this very company, being implemented with several previous projects, represents one of the best solutions with regard to repairs of damaged concrete surfaces and balcony overhangs/structures.

Pre-sales services and consultations

Our employees are free to advise you with the selection of the correct goods, tailor made, closely mirroring the needs of a singular customer.

Supply and delivery of construction materials to unloading points

 Should you become interested, we are fully equipped to deliver purchased materials to the final delivery point you kindly specify.

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