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Interior design

In our construction work, we are increasingly confronting customers’ demand for custom-made interior furnishings. That is why we have decided to expand our range of products and services with a complete and comprehensive interior design.

With us you will now furnish everything in one place and save time by not having to contact more companies. Based on your requirements, we will create an environment from conference rooms, kitchens or living rooms to fully furnished corporate buildings, houses or apartments.


How does it work?

The basis of the quality of our services is the communication and understanding of the customer. Therefore, at the beginning of the process, it is important to meet and identify the client’s basic needs and ideas.

Don’t be afraid to talk to us. We are happy to hear from you, help you and fine-tune everything up to the last detail. To imagine what your interior will look like and to make sure it is exactly what you want, we will prepare a 3D visualization that can be adjusted if something is missing or something extra arises. In addition, our clients are granted such a proposal free of charge should the project is then fully implemented.

It is taken as a matter of course that the site is visited by one of our experts. It is both on the basis of our expert’s visit, measurements taken, photos and your ideas we can move to perfecting your initial vision and later to the implementation of the process to your full satisfaction.

If all this previously envisaged is successfully implemented and you remain satisfied with everything, we are one step short of the whole project being implemented. The most significant part of the interior that attracts the interest and curiosity of most of us is the furniture. And that’s exactly what we’re doing. We manufacture the furniture ourselves, at a very high quality and on the most modern machines with quality materials. We rely on a traditional production processes as once performed by highly skilled and professional carpenters. The advantage of our custom-made furniture is that it is unique. It will be chosen by you and made only for you.


How is the installation completed with your home?

You do not have to worry about anything following your consent to the final date of realization as agreed in our mutual agreement. We will arrange everything directly within your premises and we will send only those professionals who will try to meet your every single requirement. We will supervise the whole process of furniture and fittings installation within your household.

Do you need to get rid of the old interior fittings and fixtures? You entirely do not have to worry about anything with us either. We disassemble the old furniture, take it away and dispose of it in an environmental manner. Then we will arrange everything as agreed and based on your approved 3D design project. When we are done with all the installation steps you, we’ll be doing our best so as you come to a new and clean area – living environment.