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  • thermal insulation of constructions (structural and dimensional),
  • thermography measurements – free of charge (provided the envelope insulation is provided by our company),
  • supplies and instalment of the foundation bed, base plate built on the FOAM GLASS – novelty
  • construction of low-energy and passive homes,
  • casting the floors with ANHYDRIDE and machine plastering,


  • sales of thermal insulation systems (multi-purpose cement mortar, polystyrene, anchors…), sales and,
  • mixing face mortars, facade renders, topcoat renders, mosaic surface renders, (MARMOLITE trademark) ready to go, no pre-ordering needed,
  • sales of steel ribbed wire mesh for reinforcing,
  • sales and deliveries on the building site of all the offered range,


  • cutting and bending of concrete-industry steel,
  • metal smithery, metal working, banisters, railings, gates, handrails, fences, pedestals, plinths and other,


  • supplies and installations of photo voltaic panels and island off-grid systems,
  • supplies and installations of water heating solutions utilizing photo voltaic panels patented by the system of Logitex,
  • design, delivery and installation of the floor heating solutions,
  • supplies and installation of heat pumps and concurrently a unique heat pump based on the air/water heat exchange with a comprehensive control room – all-in-one having access to a direct inter-connection with the hot-water pressurized stove, expansion tank, solid fuels boiler, while at the same time offering an option of heating the hot (technical) water facilitating the photovoltaics (PV)
  • supplies and installation of electric radiant heating> radiant heating films, fully covered by a patent electric heating elements AC/DC of the ARIEM brand
  • supplies and installations of wind turbines
  • electrical installations, sanitary goods, guttering and drainage, gas